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About Robin

The time is always right now. Thirty years ago, I heard the whisper in my ear; "You will speak, and people will listen". no more specific than that. That whisper is the promise that keeps me going. It is both my instruction and my mission..

I thought I knew how to become the motivational speaker that people would listen to but, instead, in that liberating moment, I locked myself into a box much like the people I help. I got stuck trying to understand my subject matter and decide on the perfect moniker for myself. I was never sure how to approach the stage because I had no idea how to present myself. All of these distractions were just places for me to hide.

Now I understand my uniqueness as a Clairaudient. What I do is listen, and I hear. Then I translate blocks of thought into understandable communication that helps you solve your problems and heal your life.


I am a confidant. I’m a repository for women who need to deposit false narratives and beliefs that no longer serve them. I make change happen by teaching women the value of giving  voice to who they are. And how to keep the promises that they make to being? 

On my search for truth, I have studied with Les Brown, walked on hot coals with Anthony Robbins, and experienced the cleansing power of a Native American Sweat Lodge with Chief Crow Dog of the Lakota Nation and many other teachers and guides. What I discovered along the way is that I had always been afraid of my power. And of how my family and others would respond to my brilliance.

Then, I came face to face with knowing that I was self-sabotaging. Sabotage is a real thing. Self-sabotage and fear had been the highlight of my life, blocking me from the truth of why I was born. And why I had entered my body and forgot my mission. 

I knew that I had to abandon the drive for perfection and the need to arrive at some mark that was supposed to be the pinnacle of success keeping, the sabotage looping in my head. I had to figure out how-to-unlock-my-life.

After my long incredible journey, I know that I have studied enough and I’m good enough to show up and do my work. I remembered the whisper and became one with the command to speak. Finally, I understand that I am The Untitled Speaker. It feels good to show up in a way that I love so much having, questions guide the topics and conversations. I am grateful and happy that I get to show up and translate blocks of thought into understandable communication for you. This skill equips me to speak directly to you about whatever it is that you want to know. Hence, the untitled speaker. 

I am known for my ability to invoke enthusiasm and stimulate thought processes, connecting individuals with their true essence. Healing is my umbrella work much like a can opener I open hearts. My work is abstract until I connect with you. I am uniquely adept at meeting you right where you are.

Today, as a teacher, language life coach, and healing guide, I facilitate meaningful conversations that spark useful ideas and get answers to lifelong questions for women who want to unlock their lives and connect with self-truth. I am here to do my work. 

Unlock Your Life, Make It Make Sense, Rewire Your Brain and Make Change Happen
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Our Testimonials

Robin, you are a servicer.  You love to help people,  You are a good listener, and an excellent problem solver. Thank you for teaching me to color outside of the lines of my life.

Dorothy Lang

Dorothy Lang

Robin Fahmi is a conduit for positive and needful change.  Her uplifting, completely judgement free approach to pealing back the layers of your own self is transformative and rare.  She assists you in uncovering your hidden wounds and unconscious motives so YOU can begin the journey back to your truest and highest self.  She is a blessing and it is my honor to call her friend

Sabreen EL

Sabreen EL

“You are consistent with that beautiful spirit.  Thank you for sharing your gift with us.  Not many are blessed the way you are.  You are one of those people who would be considered a gentle giant!  Very humble but, when you speak we all listen because you have something to say!”  

Sharee Muhammad

Sharee Muhammad

Robin Fahmi is a genuinely virtuous woman. She is bold, witty, wise, confident, compassionate, trustworthy, and amazingly resourceful. Her ability to positively impact others’ lives flows best when she is being her authentic self. Her Creator has authorized her to speak the truth in love with an authority that literally transforms lives!

Gloria Johnson

Gloria Johnson

Your gift inspires people to know that they can do better. You set a clear blueprint that anyone can follow.

Carolyn Clayton

Carolyn Clayton

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