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Let The Conversations Begin!

The Untitled Speaker, dedicated to helping women heal and grow.  Your questions guide the topics and conversations that we explore during our time together.  Our purpose is to share what you want to know rather than topics and services that we believe will be good for you.  We aim to remind you of hope, love,…

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The Time Is Always Right Now

Imagine if you can wanting something and taking more than 30-years to arrive at the goal. Then, you might ask yourself if you would keep going, keep thinking about what you want until you get it, no matter how long it takes.  For some of us, there are many lessons to learn along the way. …

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Say thank you and be grateful!

The reason most people don't have what they want is because they don't know what they want. Get clear about what you want and own your thoughts.  Keep your mind focused on what you want.  This is how you get what you ask for or something better.  I'm here to remind you of hope, love,…

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The Key to Opening Your Heart

In many instances women want permission to express themselves.  They want to express the truth about how they feel.  In order to be more open and vulnerable, to be more honest you have to make less judgment.  The reason that people judge, is because they are insecure and they don't feel safe.  So, the thing…

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Healing is my umbrella

Healing is my umbrella work

What we do is help women understand why they don’t heal and how they can. Doing things differently is the art that I create. And, what I want women that I work with to take away from the experience is that: they are safe, they are valuable, they are lovable, and they are powerful.  

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Empower and Inspire

Empower and Inspire women to create safe spaces to reconnect with the truth of who they are. Then you can make changes and solve the difficult problems in your life. It’s important for me to teach women how to take responsibility and do things in the world that will leave a trail and help…

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