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The “Oh “ Course

Oh, hello, and welcome. Oh, refers to open heart, a reminder to stop, stand still, and be aware that your heart wants to open so that you can make change happen at that very moment.

When you are multitalented, expressing your passion can be difficult. When you’re a change agent, and no one sees you, it’s frustrating. But, when you follow your inner guide, the good nature, and do what’s in front of you to do, then you will shake things up and enjoy living. The “Oh” Course is an intimate learning experience for doers. So let’s get it done. If you’re ready, now is the best time to work on you. The “Oh” Course communications process is a ten-week on line course designed by Robin Fahmi. It’s a course for women from all walks of life who want to discover and make sense of what’s wrong and what’s missing in their lives and let go of judgment without feeling insecure and afraid.

The goal of The “Oh” Course is to connect women with self-truth. So that you can trust knowing that you are valuable, lovable, safe, and powerful enough to give voice to who you are and bring your skills and gifts to life. You will accomplish this by clearing the fears that have haunted you for years and putting knowledge into practice.

This ten-week intensive process is done online and through video meetings. The Oh! process will challenge you to get clear, believe in yourself, and make a significant impact. Group discussions will be three times per week for feedback and collaboration.

If this sounds like you, we invite you to join. The course is led by Robin, who engages with students in individual sessions and group work. During the process, each student creates a clear vision and mind map with options to make your dreams happen. Participants are encouraged to continue progressing in the Mastermind Group, where they process and publish and give voice to their skills and talents with the support of other women who understand their life mission.

Tuition Fee

Your tuition investment for the program in full is $1,750. (or 3 payments of 875)